Real-time Reflections in BGE (no nodes)

Using texture slots we create a mask, mirror and texture layer to create realistic real-time reflections in BGE.

Hope you find it useful!

Enjoy :D!

Nice work!

I think you can move the mirror update into a post draw callback, this will synch it with the scene so it’s not 1 frame behind*

^ I was wondering about what BPR said.
In my current project the camera is rather elevated, and points straight down - due to this the lag of the mirror is quite noticeable : /

However, there have been quite a few examples of mirrors on the forums lately, so I think I’ll just have to check them all out.
If I figure out how to synch the mirroring, I’ll report back : P


That’s a bad idea, I have gone down that route and it just doesn’t work for some reason, it has the weird effect of replacing the view with the rendered texture.

Yeah, I tried it too. It renders it on top of the view or under it. If you are updating every frame the lag is less than 1/60 of a second so you shouldn’t really be able to see it.
Nice tutorial as always Thatimster.

I would probably refrain from using reflections for a top down game and would use a reflection map or something instead.

Interesting, maybe blurring the reflection texture could help with the update issue?
Thanks! Glad you found it useful :smiley:

But I’m fairly sure this is the effect I’ve been looking for xD I’ll keep testing, mirrors are awesome :slight_smile:

Good thinking!