real time sound for real time render

hi so one day as I was watching some video’s about real time cg on YouTube, and I came across someone who’s describing the benefits of real time cg, real time cg isn’t as detailed as the render, but it’s fast on the results, where you don’t need to wait lot’s of hell hour’s just to have one frame or one img, and even some small studio started working on a short move using just the real time cg of unity - 5 which is just similar to ue4, this isn’t what I am here to talk about, some of you even might know about this, what I want to talk about is, this. if we have real-time cg that shows you the results in a mater of seconds, that’s eevee for us, and it makes seeing the result and the composting you do in real time instead of rendering every time, there comes the sound, sound editing is one of the major elements that can make your project an awesome one, or just something eah… now lot’s of people don’t know anything about sound, and that’s OK, because you don’t have to, but for people who are trying to build there reputation on making lots and lot’s of project’s to add to there portfolio, is going to be very very hard for them to make something without sound, and what determines good sound off bad sound, is how much it fits to the scene ,imagine this scene, your view which is your camera is looking to a road that leads outside the city, everything sound normal and silent ,but suddenly a car runs across the view moving very fast till it fade if you can imagine this scene, then I guess you can imagine how the car sound is going to be, it’s going to be like: silent - loud engine sound - then it fade out as the car go’s a distance, to create this sound, your going ether need to record this in the real world, or find a car engine sound and just play with it’s patch and volume till you reach the result, because your not going to find a sound fx that fits your needs .so instead for just doing that, which is what everyone in the world does, why can’t we have something that makes things easy for us just as real-time cg made thing’s easy for designer’s and animators, isn’t there a way we can add sound in the scene and just decide when will it start when will it ends and if will it be repeated or not, just like game sound does, and just let the 3d world decided and makes how things go’s, how much the volume is from which direction is it coming, and all this fx that you might need lots hour’s to make them, and just make them happens in seconds I think it’s possible to be made, as long as it’s already working on video-games then why not on movie’s, I believe if it came true it’ll make a huge different in move making what do you think ? your opinion is what maters

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What you’re looking for already exists in Blender’s 3D sound environment. You need to add a Speaker object to your scene.

Also… if you could break your text up into separate sentences and paragraphs, it would be a lot easier to read and understand.