Real Time Strategy (RTS). I'd like an update.

Hi. Just a question for curiosity sake.
As far as I know, no one has ever made a working RTS game with Blender.
Does anyone else know of a working Blender RTS game? Please let me know.

This depends on what you mean with working.

I saw a working demo last year. Lots of warriors running around with swords killing other warriors. It wasn’t a finished game. I can’t remember the name. Maybe it is in the WIP or Resources.

I think there where more.

I remember that, I think you’re talking about Blender People: a script for crowd dynamics. It’s probably a good resource for making an RTS.

I created tower siege 2 (never fully finished though)

You could create your town, build units, create barriers, attacking towers, boats, docks, economic buildings, and upgrade. But for some reason I never got motivation to finish the enemy AI (I got it working, but I got bored after making the pathfinding)

I was trying to remember that one, Killer; it looked pretty good.

Yeah, sadly it was my most complete blender game (besides UFO which actually was complete). I find it hard finding motivation to finish projects. You can see some of the gameplay of that RTS on youtube but sadly I didn’t upload the later videos (I was waiting till it was finished) I’d love to find the old project files, I’d just upload it as a template… if only I could find them :confused:

Well by working I just meant a published blend file with working gameplay and objective.
Basic, basic model RTS is not hard to make so I would be suprised if no one had ever published.
killer seems to be the farthest along.

@Killer - I find that just working on a game can help; you don’t really particularly need to get games completely finished, but just work on it everyday. Instead of saying, “Oh, the lighting isn’t quite right… Hmm, that guy’s not shooting at you just right…”, it’s best to continue, rather than be stumped into abandoning a game by a problem.

EDIT: I would assume that you want to make games; any game idea you come up with would seem better (and would probably be better) than the previous game idea. Better than abandoning projects once something better comes along, focusing on a game idea and finishing it, even if it isn’t great, will help you to finish a game later.

I made my Pit Monsters game about 2 years ago. Its a tower defense game, although perhaps not exactly the type of RTS game that you had in mind.

I once worked on an RTS. It takes quite some time to get it to work. The base isn’t too hard to code, it just takes quite a lot of time to ‘decode’ the RTS systems that are used in commercial games.