real--time streaming data to blender using c++ program

Can u please guide me in this direction. I need to send(live streaming) coordinate data to blender via c++ program , so as to generate a model and update its coordinates in real time. Please guide me.

Hi in the past i have found the easiest way is to set up a client server architecture using the local host to stream data.:evilgrin: should be simple rely!

i got some idea that i need to create an tcp socket connection…but i don’t understand how will blender read the data, i send through socket. How will i connect to blender via socket

you can use the socket module in blender, as it is a python module.

from socket import*
then use the specification to choose UDP or TCP

i tried something like that myself about a year ago. I used delphi to write data to a txt-file and had blender read that. both like 5times a second and that worked you only need to set up the fileopen rights the right way.