Real Time Text Help

hi guys,
Was wondering, how do I use a bitmap text in my HUD for a GLSL game. I have used it a couple of time for single textured never for GLSL…

The game engine now supports text objects. So if you want text just press ‘shift a’ and then select text for the menu. If you want to change what is written during the game click “add text property” in the logic editor. Then set up logic to change the property while the game is running.

The string property that CrazedQuetzal is talking about needs to be named ‘Text’ for it to display its property on the text object itself.

just tried it and it doesn’t seem to work… I’m using 2.61, do I need 2.63 for this?

scratch that it work perfect with 2.63, LOVELY. thanks guys

I tried it on 2.59 and couldn’t get it to work. Is that feature available in this version?

It’s a 2.6 feature, although if you use python to set the text objects ‘text’ attribute (NOT PROPERTY) like so:

object.text = “hi”
that would work

That worked. Thanks!

I am using the text object as well, but the text is quite blurry? Any tips on getting it looking nice and sharp? No matter what size the text is, it still looks quite ‘pixelated’.

I’m wondering the same thing as klauser. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make the text not look so pixelated and terrible. Also, its always white, even though I put a material on it.

You have to manually change the color by using something like GIMP, bitmap is best used in small writing in the screen, if you want massive text you have to use a texture you’ve made and it won’t be in real time. Bitmap is good for scores in the corner of the screen, things like that. Although I’m not sure if you are using bitmap or not. :s

If you’re using built-in text objects, you can access the color in the Object tab; it’s an Object Color color picker that you’re looking for (not sure why materials don’t work with text objects). Anyway, I’m not sure about how to control the resolution, unfortunately.