Real Time Text in 2.46


First off, I have done a lot of searches to find the answer to my question, but have unfortunatly failed to find something that completley helps me out. I apologize if there is something I missed. As stated in the topic, I need to have real time text in 2.46. Now the tutorials that I have looked at involved tasks you must do that are only in UV face select mode. Now the controls are somewhere in edit mode (text, two faced, alpha). I found in a topic that in order to see these buttons in edit mode, I have to add a UV layer. I do not know how to do this.

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ahh never mind I figured it out. To anyone else who has this same problem, to make a new UV layer, In edit mode (F9) under the mesh tab, click New - UV Texture. Then beside the UV calculation, there should be a new tab with all the features.

it’s more or less the same thing…
Select your plane, enter “Edit mode/Face mode”, select the face, “unwrapp” it, in the “UV editor”, scale and place the face around the special character ( @), in the “Texture Face” panel, enable “Alpha” and “Text”, then add a “String” property, “Name: Text”, and type the desired text in the other field.

This is not working for me. I used to be able to have this text working but now it does not. When I check the DOS screen it says that shaders are not supported. could this be the problem? Like I said, it used to work but now it doesn’t.

“shaders” and “real-time text” are different things.
And both work!
Check and recheck the different steps?!

I get the shaders not support message aswell, real time text works fine for me. I’m pretty sure the message is referring to GLSL.