real time texture display

i have all my texture map images in ratios of 64 pixels but they still dont show up in real time textured mode. do i have to download and install a different rendering engine?

Real texture mode. hmm. I have only seen it as a rough texture. I don’t use it much, except for UV mapping. It is, not anything special. Try saving all of your textures as TGA format. That works best.

Maybe have a look at point 1 of this topic:

You’ve to use UV textures if you want to be able to see them in Blender (or in the Game Engine). If you simply want to put an image on a plane, using UV textures is in fact really easy. Simply go from Object Mode to UV Face Select (by pressing F), then open beside of the 3D View a UV/Image Editor window. Select your face in the 3D window and assign an image in the UV window. But if you have several faces that share the same image, read a bit of this: