Real-time texure editing with gimp

Has anyone seen Ghostpainter2.
basicly its Photoshop in a 3Ds max viewport.
i think that would realy neat stuff to have for blender.
but in this case using gimp. Id be all over it but im not a much of a programer
i personaly feel that being able to edit textures in realtime and with the power that gimp offers would make blender 100x sweeter and would blow some blenderheads away.
what a umm… do you guys think?

(2.37 rocks!)

(Screen shot)

As far as I know this (and more) is already possible, using the Verse plugin.
The Verse homepage is here:, and some details on how to get this working can be found here:
I haven’t installed this yet, but it’s pretty high on my priority list…

neato! thanks

I’d vote for a working solution, suitable for the rest of us, mere mortals …