Real-time voice-sync programming as Blender add-on

Is this even possible? Will offer a paid, freelance, development job for someone to come up with a functioning add-on. I’ve researched the best I can, and have found many attempts at real-time voice control and limited animation functions – including some promising tests – but as far as I can see, all the developments suddenly stopped with no final product ever fully-functioning or available.

I’m working on programs for local schools and educational presentations. The goal is a live audience-interacts-with-computer in real-time character (either game engine or 3D viewer- not within a game itself). But is this type of real-time response even possible in Blender 2.5 or 2.6? I have a modest budget set aside for anyone who wants to tackle this.

The results must be microphone-input, real-time voice-sync for a medium-complex mesh with facecount of appx. 1200 - 1500; texture-mapped; shape keys animation; not dedicated to one character but consist of relatively ‘generic’ commands that can be transferred among different character meshes; function on a separate ‘display’ screen without the Blender interface viewable by the audience; and once installed must be relatively idiot proof as some of the operators/voice actors could know little to nothing about Blender or programming. If limited real-time control can be added for other features (ear movement, eyebrow, head, etc based on shape keys), that’s all the better. I need the development of real-time response, not modeling of the mesh or shape keys.

This appears to be along the lines of what I’m thinking of – but I don’t speak Japanese so can’t understand much of the demonstration; and it seems to be based on an existing language research program (‘Julius’) that’s more complex than anything I need.

Anyone interested please reply with your input, proposals, and any samples of Blender add-on development you’ve undertaken. Payment and timeline depends on the complexity of the project, available funds, and what I and the freelancer agree on will be the final project results. If this is a concept that could be useful over a wider range of applications than just my current needs, maybe we could create an initial working prototype and place on Kickstarter or another crowd-funding site, and raise money to bump up the features and usability.