Real time water reflections?

Does anybody know how to create a real time mirror effect for blender 2.57 (or 2.58)? I found a tutorial that was made for 2.49b and tried it with 2.5 and it didn’t work very well.

Any help is much appreciated.

Here is a tutorial for a mirror script also for Blender 2.49 but there is a download for Blender 2.5x.

Awesome! This is great!

Cool, I did the tutorial u sent me and It doesn’t seem to be working. Heres a screen of the logic I set up

The tutorial works. I think you have overlooked something. Download the finshed250.blend from

Your LogickBriks setup looks correct.

I did the whole tutorial, it still doesn’t seem to work. here’s the file.

Verify your Object Game Property where you put the “add object property”. Change the “Material” to “material” (small m).


Flip the UV if required. Done.

awesome, I love this forum.

does anyone know how to fix weird reflections like this:

This only happens when I’m running the game through the camera, otherwise it works beautifully.

  1. Put a nice skybox. To remove the “blue” default background.
  2. Render Panel (the camera icon) > Standalone Player > Framing > “Extend”

And you have officially closed this thread. Thanks for all the help!

Does this script only work with planes or could I use it with a waterfall, or a car?

It works for any shape, but on more complicated ones, getting the UV’s set so the reflection looks right is a little tricky.