real-time windows in blender?

in Xenosaga, charicters oftly talk on UMN videophone. This is a plane with realtime objects moving inside. How do I recreate that effect?

3 possibilities:

  1. use an animated texture on the plane (I take it it’s not an airplane 8) )
  2. Use the same animated texture on a lamp (square spot) shining at your plane.
  3. Open a new scene and create whatever is happening on the plane and render it with ‘Border’. Add that as a sequence in your original scene. If you render it to a sequence of image files you can use it as the animated texture for the first two options.


I’m talking about Real-time rendering. Didn’t you play Xenosaga? Xenosaga rocks! Anywys, I’m trying to make what’s happening in the plane actually happen elsewhere!

oh the power of the envmap!!!

I hope you don’t mean for blender’s realtime engine however, but this can be done pretty easy with an envmap [mapped to an object a bit off of that plane, which could if configured right mean it is orco mapped]

Why do you ASSume that everyone here has played some online game that you seem to obviously like. The first step in getting an answer to your question might be explaining in very clear terms what you mean.

Xenosaga isn’t an online game, and I don’t assume that everyone’s played. However I do assume that someone has played it. And you have no Idea how hard this effect is to explain!!! I think that z3r0 d has the right Idea, But I have no Idea whatsoever how to do envmaps.