Real Vertex Counter Addon

I needed to know the real vertex count of the mesh. That is when one vertex is used by multiple polygons, that has hard edge or when uv seam crosses smoothed polygons, etc. It is especially useful in gamedev. Example: cube has 8 verts according to blender, but it would really have 24 when rendered.
But i failed to find such an addon, so i’ve created it.
This is my first experience with coding for blender, so it might (and should) be not optimal. I’m sure that it is not suitable for very dense meshes :eyebrowlift2: But it works :cool:

Thanks so much for making this! I’ve been getting into game development recently with the Unreal Engine, and actually heard about this issue with the vertex count not displaying the same just a few days ago. I started wondering how I was going to be able to figure out an accurate estimate of the real vertex count and now here’s your add-on, able to figure it out. So thanks again :slight_smile:

Imho work as intended, just a single flaw: the “should I pause?” checkbox should stay un-checked by default, that way we can open a dense mesh project without hitting the wall in an istant :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant install it on 2.77. Is it there a compatibility problem? I need this addon so badly. If anyone knows another way to view the real vertex count please let me know.