real women or 3d model ?

a friend of mine wonders if this image was created by 3d programs or they’re photoshop-edited real women.
I think the most obvious differences between real human and the fake one hides in their skin shading, clothes, eye pupil…but I haven’t got much experience to come to the final answer, can anyone help me :slight_smile:

Definitely photoshopped…

I drew them in GIMP.

from that girls foot on the ball it seems like its 3D …

i would looove to watch that match :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of photoshop like any such advertising

I say it’s a real picture that’s been photoshopped and had a fake background inserted (with photoshop).

Looks photographic to me, though highly edited in postpro.

They’re real if I can touch them.

Definitely real with a touch of photoshop. How do I know - the one fifth from the front is my wife!

damn I just broke a commandment or something.

Plastic surgery + photoshop

Why does everyone say this, the plastic surgery part, has the world mysteriously become devoid of beautiful women. Have the all been abducted by aliens or something.

Why does everyone say this, the plastic surgery part, has the world mysteriously become devoid of beautiful women.
No. Doggie_B said so because it’s impossible to make a tuned woman in 3D. The only way is to take a picture of the tuned women and then photoshop it to look like 3D. :smiley:

:wink: Can I touch them after?

And they seem to be real but photoshop.

A photoshopped photograph, I don’t think any 3D-artist would model so many women, who each look different (thickness of thighs, stomach, or faces for that matter) just for advertising football. Or soccer, whatever. Just seems too much, you know?
But I don’t really how it was made, they’re all ugly as hell. Probably stupid, too.

wow so the final conclusion is photoshopped real women,:evilgrin: if only I can touch them I can tell you for sure

they don’t look like real football players though, just from their muscle tone…and I would think athletes like them would need more support…much more support. Of course, I too would be glad to support them by touching them…but that might get me in trouble with my wife.

so yeah… umm… what was the question again? I was ‘distracted’ and lost my train of thought…

Tell your wife that you were trying to steal the shiny crap in their belly buttons.

BTW, did anyone else notice that - it’s almost like they all have it.

Is that some-kind of new thing for models, or what?

Bellybutton rings? I’m not to sure, but yes. Most of the models in the picture do have them. Or at least it seems they do.