Real ZBrush hPolish and Trim brush Addon

TrimDynamic version test

Hi guys! I’m working on sculpting brush algorithm in Blender source code to make it much more similar to main ZBrush polish brushes.

  • Would be nice to get any feedback from Blender sculptors!

Just a very simple video, standart Scrape vs. new Polish(based on Scrape algorithm).
Same values, except new [normal radius] that uses plane_offset value in UI (real plane_offset is off in code).
Pay attention for edges:

[ video with explanation: soon ]


Looks promising.

Very Nice … I’m not really a Blender Sculptor yet but a long time ZBrush Sculptor and this Brush seem even better than ZBrushs hPolish … would love to try this Brush

Ok with the polish brush but… where is the trim brush? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’d love to see you post this on blender devtalk to get in touch with the devs.

Sculpting Brush improvements are much needed, imho.
So this looks promising indeed, very cool john! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!
rbx775, I’ll contact with developers as soon as I’ll get something stable.
Experimental Build v0.3!gcQVXYoD!IGCEbir25N6z_YME9Elr6U30sJgtZffSfZu-RTOFWE8

TrimDynamic version test

I’mma gonna have to play with this.

Some play around Voxel remesh and grease pensil :yum:

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Teaser about NormalRadius in Blender 2.8 :

The same brush in work!
Just keep practicing with normal radius for Scrape brush for hardsurface workflow :slight_smile:

cool! are these tools still getting updated? :slight_smile: