Realflow in blender?

Okay…im making a rendering where there is water…I need it to be really good(its gonna be judged) can i use realflow to simulate the water and then render it in blender with yafaray?

I doubt it. If you have Real Flow why not use 3DSMax, Maya or C4D to render it out. They all have capable rendering systems.

Just wondering, how do you have access to Real Flow and not a host application to render it with?

I don’t know what Realflow’s export options are, and this is old, but it obviously is, or was, possible:-

Well…nevermind…realflow is too expensive. I’ll just do as good as I can in blender.

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL :mad::mad::no::no::no:
Blender has a excellent fluid :cool: