RealFlow to Blender importer, finally there

Finally Blender gets its Realflow importer. It’s at early stages still, needs a lot of work, so I’m not releasing the source yet.

Here’s a video:

Will it actually import the files straight from realflow, the bin files I think? or will they have to be converted to a series of objs? also, will it import the particle files?

I watched the video but didnt understand the visualisation. perhaps you could explain

It imports bin files. It then creates a vertex for each particle in blender, i used dupliverts to show those as spheres.

Okay, thats cool that it imports bins… thats one big step in the right direction. so what about, particles? will it import a realwave sequence? not just visualise things as spheres rite?

realwaves and particles are two different things, and i have no info yet on realwaves and I won’t work on it right now, I want to focus on the particles thing.

this is great keep up the good work! i have been waiting for this for a long time

Nice work! Awesome stuff!