I’d be grateful if you could help me with my next character-(Hint-It-s-a-GIRL))! :slight_smile:

I love the lighting of your scene, it separates the background perfectly :smiley:

I did use a Wacom Intous P S, it’s a very affordable tablet and it works great for sculpting! I have done some mouse sculpting but I seriously prefer to use a tablet. It’s highly recommended! There are newer tablets though so I’d recommend checking those out!

Regarding learning sculpting, I’d like to redirect you to thisworkshop with Zacharias Reinhardt that took place during the Blender Conference! It’s also great to play around and have fun with it! See what happens!

I really like how the skin and the hair look! Are you using Photoshop to edit it, or just Blender?

OMG !! That’s looking absolutely amazing - love the freckles and sss !!!

Thanks! I used Krita for the post-pro.