Realism composition ''Work in progress''

Hello everyone. I’m trying to combine this 3D jeep with the background photo. I have days trying to achieve this but for me still looking fake.

I will appreciate any feedback that could help me. I have years of experience working with Blender for cartoonist animation but for realistic results I still been really bad at this.

In the photo 1 ‘‘Montaje F2’’ I have a pretty similar HDRI with no more lights in the scene, 50 mm camera lens, a plane for shadow catcher.

In the photo 2 ‘‘Montaje 6’’ I have a pretty similar HDRI with a sun light that has 8 for strength, 25.75 mm camera lens and I also create that sphere for more reference of how my light system is working.

I don’t know which is the problem, I don’t know if it’s the lights, the shaders, but everytime I try to create realistics results in Blender I fail.

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The first render looks ok to me, but what bothers me in the second render is that the car has motion blur, but the shadow is still sharp. Since the shadow moves with the car it should also be blurred.

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That motion blur is just plain ugly.

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You’re right! I had not noticed, thank you very much

Do you know how I could fix that?

Also the wheels should be more blured than the car. It seems that they are moving with the same speed which isn’t true. And as i saw in some images now is seems that the back of the car is usally more blured, like it is leaving a trace or something

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Yes, by removing motion blur.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Adding some dirt would probably be a way, but if the aim is commercial-like factory fresh car feeling - to me it still has most to do with the model lighting. Reflections are quite as they probably should be but the model seems to be still too bright comparing to the env. in both pictures and there is no clear light direction apart from the ground shadow - i.e. in second picture sun is clearly hitting the front right side of the car but on the left back the blue colour has still almost the same brightness.

The car lights glass look too plastic as well, on the cool commercial renders it has these super sharp scattered relflections.

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I agree with you. Thanks for the feedback!

Good point!