Realism question

I would like to know how I can make this scene look more realistic. The bag on the top right needs work I know but I cant put my finger on the others

It is a hospital bed in a factory very bloody and the person isn’t there anymore but was bleeding a lot

I’m sorry, I think I need or we need more views with different angles. I can’t really say what I am looking at. Is the big one a dirty bed of a hospital or a wheel chair? What are these things on the right side, knifes?

I edited it. Does it give better context now?

Yes it does, thanks. Is there a bigger scene around? At first I have to say, that your modell and and texture work is great. I would play with the color management tool in the render tab to make it a bit brighter. The rubber of the bed wheels could be a dark grey green instead of black. At last I would add imperfection textures in the roughness node of the bullets and the rubber of the wheels. The blood could be a bit less wavy and mirror more of the scene. The underside of the bed, the ceiling, a ceiling lamp. Because those spucky enviroments are often lost places, there could be some dust particles. I think these changes could add much to the scene and realism.

The texture on the fabric looks like a printed texture. It may be the angle, it may be the lighting, or it may be the material itself. Do you have a normal map for fine detail, and are you trying to achieve wrinkles in the texture instead of modelling them?

And the blood looks more like ketchup - to thick and viscous.

And all in all, it’s too clean. Especially for the environment that you are aiming for.

Thank you I will try all of those out. Thanks a ton!

I appreciate it I’ll try to make the blood less thick and more like fluid. It’s an abandoned factory but the factory was managed and aged wel so so not to messy I would say I’m going for. The wrinkles is with the textures but I will for sure try to add some normal maps to get in there.
I definitely will be putting this to the project thank you.

No problem :-D, I hope my tips will be usefull.
I asked about suroundings because they could be used for reflections. If not, perhaps you can find a HDR-Image for generating reflections on the metall pipes, the bullets and the blood. But matching a mostly to bright HDR with your dark scene can be difficult.

And yes, more geometry on the fabric would be a great addition too.

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Well, “a bloody gurney” kinda leaves me cold – I think you could come up with a better scenario – but in general you need to show us some different and better camera angles. It looks like you’ve got a good rendering of the bottom of the thing and the casters. The syringes and spent bullets also look good … but, why are they there?

Alright, it’s supposed to simulate a person being shot and this particular clip is supposed to have the bullet shells on the ground (clean) and the syringes are on floor to show how much medicine the person used. he was bleeding a lot as u can see from the “bloody gurney” from doing a kinda self surgery. The reason he isn’t there anymore. He could’ve been so high on morphine, a magical leprechaun told him to get up, idk I will leave that to the viewers interruption of my piece. Hopefully that gives u a better visual.

Thank u for ur tips I wil look for better angles to tell this story better.