I need help with making the boat (linked img) a little more realistic.

The idea is to paste it into some photo’s background (Dark blue calm water, ~4000K direct evening sun from the right) as a joke, so it doesn’t need to be feature-film-level, but I’d at least like it to be slightly more believable. Currently AO is making it too bright.

The white streaks on the bottom are supposedly light reflections that I will need to reign in, but aside from that I don’t know what it is that truly breaks the realism and how to fix it. I’d appreciate if anyone could point out the worst aspect.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I aim my work to always be realistic, but it keeps switching between 50% to 0% realism with occasional spike of absolute realism at random and I have no idea why. I thought it was because I was using procedural textures, but then this one has uvs and bitmaps and it still looks terrible… so any good resources on building realism? I’m not new to Blender, slapping filmic on doesn’t help, and honestly I think I do too much with textures to no or opposite effect (case in point). Sorry, just a bit down cause of unrelated stuff, but anyway, I’d appreciate a resource which breaks down what makes an image realistic.