Realistic 3D packshots of InDesign created dvd-boxes?

I have to make a lot of photorealistic 3D pictures of dvd-boxes (single dvd’s but also various sized boxsets) that I’ve designed with the aid of InDesign and Photoshop. I’ve only got the flat lay-out so I’m looking for a way to make realistic 3D models of them. And so I stumbled upon Blender…

Blender is awesome, but… difficult… I really only need it to make 3D packshots of my designs and I wonder if there are any tutorials or maybe even templates (?) that will help me to learn ALL I need to know ONLY to make those packshots! I do not need to know more, really, at least not right now. :wink:

If it must be Fotorealistic then you have to know more.

Go thru a couple of tutorials…

If you just want a Box with a picture on the front then its much easier,
but it will never be realy Fotorealistic if you dont know what your doing!

My advice… learn from the tutorials, try a lot of things out for at least a couple of weeks, then you may be ready.

What you need to learn specifically, is how to build a box and stretch it the way you want it, then learn how to unwrap a mesh for UV texturing. Also you need to learn how to use the Blender Materials pallet to map your box with the UV map you create for it. After that, you need to learn how to use the lights, and how to set up the Render Pallet to render out the file you want at the picture dimension you need.

Basically, you need to learn a lot and Blender’s GUI is unlike anything else. Go to the Blender site, and goes through these tutorials:
Blender web tutorials
and look at the wiki to better familiarize yourself to Blender.

Hope you aren’t in a hurry. :wink:

Or if you’re in a hurry and got cash, there are commercially available 3d models:

Photorealistic is a nasty goal, even for a very experienced modeler. Good luck, but expect a challenge. You’ll have to learn a lot to get it photoreal, and it’ll take a while.

What I would like to get my hands on is a template or Blenderfile that gives me what you see here: and more specially:

So, that would be a file that has a box in it (I don’t need the dvd box itself, but a box that contains a few dvd’s, so that’s a very simple shape, as you see above!) and that already has been unwrapped in a logical way (UV > LSCM Unwrap). This way the only thing I will have to learn is how to make the box wider (some boxes contain 3 dvd’s, other up to 20): the tutorial already tells me how to save the face layout and import a file to ‘paste’ on the model! That seems pretty simple. After that I have to learn how to light and render the file and that’s it.

This way I don’t have to learn the unwrapping part, correcting the seams and so on. Maybe a file like this (a Blender file with an already unwrapped box) can be found on the internet? Or maybe someone who is very experienced can give me such a ‘template’…? That would REALLY help me a lot! :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. In case someone here is kind enough to make a ‘template’ for me %| , maybe it’s better if he or she tells me so (in this topic) before he or she actually makes one. Because in that case I will post a picture of the face layout I’ve made in InDesign. In that way the helpfull person knows what the face layout will look like and how the model has to be unwrapped into a UV map (because this can be done in various ways of course). :smiley:

don’t use lscm to unwrap the boxes. use ‘archimap’, the python script. it packs uv layout besides unwrapping.

Post a sample, then. With the flattened 2d design and box dimensions, if possible. A simple box would be easy. Unwrapping it shouldn’t be too hard, too. Of course, you might have to set-up the lighting and backgrounds yourself… or maybe you have a picture of how the final render should look like?