Realistic 3d scanned model re-topology + details + texturing + basic rig

Thank you all for the fast response, the job has been taken!
Hello everyone,
We had shooting day of a man on a green screen.
we also scanned a 3d model with a high end 3d scanner of this man wearing a suit on the same day.
The idea is to mix the 3d model in long shots with the real footage (not in closeups) to make some effects.

We also bought a 3d model with details, of a man with a .suit, since its really generic and it works ok.
We would like to offer a job:


  • Re-topology + model details - It have gone through re-topology process already but not a with great details.
  • Texturing - the scan has some basic textures but it needs more work and also needs normal maps, etc.
  • `basic expressions (will not be used for close ups so it needs some basic smiling and mouth opening, can be without any “expensive” rig).
  • Hair - Can be a mesh since its not for close ups but should be realistic.


  • Using generic hands - should be closer to his real hands.
  • Add a ring as the one he really has ( a super-man ring).
  • Add a watch similar to what he has.

Suite + Clothing + Shoes

  • Should have two variations, one with tie and tighter and one a bit more “casual” (have pictures of them both).
  • Shoes - same as rest of the suite.

This is an urgent job so whoever wants this please contact me asap on [email protected] ( will be able to share some more information through whatsapp/email) :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and have a great day


Mail sent.

thank you all for the fast responses! we already chose someone, best regards!


I am from the Digital Aptech. This is an India based digital agency. I have game design and development team. So, i am interested on this project. I want to talk with you in details. My Skype id - live:subhashis_14
I have sent you our portfolios also.