Realistic AK-47 - Tutorial Posted

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This was a pretty quick job as you can see by the shoddy texturing and some lazy modeling in places - I just wanna know if people would like me to make a tutorial for this.

Tutorial finally uploaded!

Nice work Greg. Biggest crit is that the texture seems low res and stretched, but overall it’s great for a quick model.

yep i just layered my reference image over it and thats the texturing done :stuck_out_tongue: i am working on my own texture now tho

That is an absolutely fantastic model and I’ve no doubts that everyone would love to see how you made that model

Hi, very nice.
“Yes Please! Tutorial would be great!”

Tutorial is made, but my internet is slow, so the upload is still chugging along

Would love to see a tutorial on this. Even a PDF or text based tutorial would do.

Yes, the textures are a little stretched as you move to the top of the grip/stock, but I would definitely want a tutorial. I always have trouble optimizing models with fewer polygons where it is unnecessary and UV texturing. Texturing is probably my biggest issue, as I have trouble placing seams and applying textures. For a quick project, you did an excellent job.

the upload took too long and i had to leave for vacation - but it should be up within 48 hrs

So vimeo kept failing on my slow connection, so I’m trying to upload it straight to my blog… unless anyone knows of any other good places to upload a video.
It could take about 10 hours or so

I like the textures, nice work. But the model is not all right, sorry man, I know that gun very well, I had one in my hands for almost two years, when I was in the army. You have to study it more, and also understand how a fire weapon works. You can find a lot of images and clips, just search.

Tutorial finally uploaded!