Realistic Alien

Hi everyone. I’ve been using blender for over 3 years but am somewhat new on getting topology correct. I definitely understand it on the human head thanks to Jonathan Williamson, however this creature from the pictures provided clearly is more detailed and differently structured. Please leave any comments on:
A: Good texture libraries on the internet that I can search to find cool, high res animal-like or organic textures
B: Topology, modeling, or ways to prep for animation (I have pretty good knowledge on shape keys, drivers, weight painting, and vertex groups so I’m good with that)
C: Armature - whether different things need work (I have provided a few poses NOTE: all skinning has not been completed to perfection.
D: Any other ideas like what to do next (i.e. armor, weapons, what kind of environment, etc.)

 Couple things to keep in mind:
      - Anyone know how to use your own lighting with internet image textures. for example if you download an image from google or something, it has its own lighting. is there anyway to make the lighting setup in blender control that instead or does it already.
      - The texturing isn't done, it was just a test. its a crocodile pattern on the back w/ blood stains all over the place
      - The whole thing with the head is that the front and back of the neck act like opposing muscles when he tilts his head forward or back/the pores in the front are for breathing

 This is my first full fledged textured, animated, and modeled non-human creature so be a critic! Thanks so much

P.S. right now I’m using 2.49b because 2.51 sometimes craps out on me.


just more pics.


It looks nice now texture it.

yeah im just lookin for any cool textures or ideas. like should i stay reptilian or no