Realistic ArchViz from Cycles to Eevee (with tips)

Eevee can also be used to speedup workflow specially for medium to heavy scenes. I use it for fast scene building, material adjustment, experimentation, light test setups, and preview renders. In a heavy scene like the “Dark Interior Scene” Cycles is very noisy and slow with every small change takes quiet a while to clear up and see the changes. The preview renders take long time while for BVH and material processing are finish. In Eevee is all instantaneous and everything looks final quality.

Then when satisfied with the scene and need higher render quality then make the few changes required and render in Cycles. This also applies to animation do very fast animation test in Eevee and final quality if desired in Cycles.

The animation time saving like in my last scene are huge it can save weeks of rendering time going from 30min to 30sec per frame. Render farms can become expensive for indie/individual users. The quality for many clients can be acceptable in Eevee.

Eevee will eventually get ray tracing improvements for GI and shadows. Clement is now refactoring for integration with Vulkan.

Is there some source for this? I know there is vulkan being worked on but is there some info about getting raytracing capabilities for it? I haven’t seen any of that.

I remember reading discussion a while back with Clement about the benefits on moving from OpenGL to Vulkan for Eevee. Vulkan has raytracing support and is cross platform. Their was also a mention of AMD helping with some of the Vulkan work. An example of Vulkan ray tracing in Blender on the viewport can be seen now with AMD ProRender plugin in the fast viewport modes.

Unfortunately I can’t find this previous references. Currently the only official task is the refactoring of Eevee to allow Vulkan support. I am sure after that task is completed will see plans for Eevee improvements using Vulkan.


I am pretty busy now to do a quality video tutorial on my Eevee workflow for realistic ArchViz in Eevee. If their is enough interest doing a realistic ArchViz exterior in Eevee is something I will like to do.

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wow , this result on eevee, is absolutely amazing. Congrats! i’m really impressed

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can eevee implement to exterior scene with ur workflow? amazing technique !!

What I used to find the most time consuming in Eevee is trying to mix multiple Irradiance Volume probes but this is also when the scene comes to life. After a lot of testing I think I can get a ‘decent’ result, to my eyes at least but I have never seen someone else do it in a tutorial.

I would love to see your workflow on this matter, maybe smaller tutorials for different things? So you won’t have to do it all in one go.

Ok. But I hope you’ll do it. If you ever do please tag me.

Is there a different place where I can contact you? like your e-mail address.

Send me private message first.

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can you send message it to me? Maybe I can see you in my inbox.
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