Realistic (at least my attempt at realism) Shower Scene (Partial nudity warning!)

So…this is how I spent my day. Models generated and posed in Character creator. Entire scene modeled and rendered by me in blender. Wanted to have some fun so wanted to do both an archviz render and try to render the human body as well. Final renders composed of a few different exposure passes and some others… One with motion blur of water drops, one without, and then another pass with a different seed value for water drops on walls/ceilings. For the sake of time I used Optix denoising - should I be using this? I feel like I end up losing a lot of small details but get an overall more realistic feeling to my renders… Would love your critique and advice to take this to the next level. Thx!

High Res Image below

Another view/render

One last composition, few different photoshop blends


On a way there.
Needs motion blur, steam, soap, more gloss… and then some glitter - lighting, diffraction, iridescence…
Make a deep artwork, show appreciation for the aesthetics, complexity… avoiding shallowness.

Thanks for the advice! Working on it - tough on my 10 year old computer though :slight_smile:

I somehow have trouble rendering at 1080p on my computer with Blender 2.8 and up. I also have issues playing 1080p video in Media Player Classic on my computer as well (except for the QuickTime videos on the DVD with Character Development in Blender 2.5).

Processing: bubblefun2.png…