Realistic Banana (In Progress)

the edible part. its all edible isnt it, i eat all of it…(im joking. i do NOT eat bannana skin, especiallly when its that brown ;)…no i dont eat bananna skin!)

Actually I do not agree with you Guitar87. There are bananas out there that are very ripe but still look as depicted in the render.
I agree the bite is still too smooth but this is a WIP right?
Belnditall could you show the setting for the different textures? Is it UV mapped or procedural?
And the stringy things are still missing :wink:

High quality render. Really have to work on that banana texture… will add a brown spot.

(And I’m not ignoring all the crits, etc, just not enough time to reply individually right this second)

GREAT STUFF! Very nice texture work.
'sfunny how many crits you’ve gotten telling you to stop making it look like the REAL banana in front of you, in order to make it look real.
Don’t listen to 'em! They want you to make it look like a banana ICON; some sort of idealised banana they are picturing in their minds eye, rather than the one in front of you.
Real stuff rarely looks like an icon.

Awaiting the finished product…

otto riis: Will work on the bite mark, and other things. Thanks for crits.
FuzzMaster: Yeah, I thickened them up a bit.
Guitar87: Surprisingly, people think that brown bananas are bad… when in reality the inside isn’t always bruised, and is in fact sweeter than it is in a yellow banana. IMO, anyway:D.
iliketosayblah: Ha ha… coughboostingpostcountcough :stuck_out_tongue:
musk: I agree with your first statement! See what I said to guitar87. Great minds think alike :wink:
And yes, I’m still working on the bite. The stringy things are there on the plate if you look, but I"ll add more.
All textures on the banana are uv mapped. Edible part is sculpted. Plate was a scanned plate, ground is an edited photo I took.

freen: I agree completely:).

I think the banana needs a more bumped eh… source.
Just like the other call it, the eatable part!
More noise and sharpness. At least some fluffy thingies… those hairy bits that you always see on a banana.
Argh… noisy sharp furry … -_-

- AniCator

Nice render you’ve got going there, but your banana appears to be wanged. It’s so brown and dead, I tohught bananas were yellow unless you left them in the fridge.

Really nice banana you’ve got coming here! If could suggest making is slightly more bent? I know all the bananas in my house are bent…Also about the edible part… I would lighten up it’s “inside”. Amazing banana peel texture! Keep up the good work!

Nice! But The ridges on the edible part arent deep enough, or the sss scale too large, it look a tad too mushy…

Other than that, really fantastic!

maybe its just me, but i thought bananas were curved

excelent texture btw

Looking good. You got some nice textures going there. To me, the edges where the bite mark is seem too rounded. Even if it were a tear and not a bite mark, I don’t think it would come out that round.

I just think you’re gonna have to model the crap out of the bite, its going to be quite hard to make it look right, especially as there are so many biting styles.

There is the GRIP WITH TEETH THEN PULL method, the BITE ALL THE WAY THROUGH method, there are the BITE WITH JUST TOP OR BOTTOM TEETH methods and my personal favorite; the BREAK IT OFF IN YOUR MOUTH method.

My point being is that there are many different ways you could do the banana break/bite and it probably wont look to everyones taste (did you see what i did there?).

wow, where do you get those textures?

i dont bite bananas, i put them in a blender and drink them.

but seriously, curve the banana.

such a fun word to spell

(ps banana)