Realistic Bedsheets

Hello all,
I’m new to Blender and this community.
Quick background: I took some introductory 3D modeling and animation classes in college and I am a product photographer by trade. Weirdly enough, beds/bedding got me into the world of 3D modeling and rendering. After a few donut tutorials, this is my first shot at a bed.

The goal is a photorealism in a studio environment. One key light with hard shadows (save background lights). I’m use to imaging IRL with Profoto D2 Strobes. In Blender, a spot light with some specific settings kind of gets me there but it for sure doesn’t fully translate. Mostly the diffusion of light. Profoto utilize frosted lenses

. Maybe I make my own light and really up render times? My sheets start to clip in some spots and are really dingy in others. I think I need more geometry or texture on my sheets?

Please rip it apart. I don’t have the experience yet to decern what might actually be wrong. I don’t hate it but I know it is far from perfect. I appreciate your feedback.

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