Realistic Bullet

ok, so, for some reason, nobody on here has even MENTIONED Andrew Kramer, or his awesomeness. so, he’s a guy who makes tutorials for After Effects. here’s his site:

ok, so, he made an awesome tutorial called The Bullet, where he makes a scene similar to The Matrix or Wanted. (it’s more close to Wanted.) and in it, he has tutorials for modeling a 3D bullet in different programs along with awesome textures. and surprise, he has one for Blender 3D. so, i followed the tutorial, and this is what i got:

holy. crap. so why hasn’t Blender been used for movies? haha

and, if i ever get the time, i might composite this into a short scene with After Effects. i dunno.

umm… bump? :confused:

Uh… cool bullet but why are you bumping this topic? I didn’t see a question that needed answering?

I would really like to see an animation with some spin on that bullet and some distortion in the air from the bullet rifling through it however, blender only or after effects.


Andrew Kramer made a composite with the bullet. i’m pretty sure he used the Blender one, because he made the tutorial for other 3D packages, but it looks like he used Blender for it…