Realistic camera shake using f-curve noise modifier

One of the advertised new features of 2.70 was enhancements to the noise modifier for f-curves. I thought one way to use it was to add some realistic shake to the camera without needing to do a tracking setup. Here’s my result:

I added the audio track from another video of mine and tried to match it up. I had to increase the scale to between 10 and 20 and reduce the strength to about 0.1 on each axis to get these results.

It’s remarkably effective with the audio. Great match and all around great insight. It reminds me of a fantastic shot in The Incredibles. It’s right near the end and they realize that Syndrome is in the house with Jack Jack. As they are running in, the camera follows close behind them, slightly out of focus, shaking, as though a documentary-style camera operator is right behind them. I thought it was so cool. It always stuck in my mind.

Thanks. I think I know what you are talking about in the Incredibles but its been a while since I’ve seen it.

The object and backdrop may not look real but I thought they look enough like a neodymium magnet on a colorful sheet of paper to pass. I made the backdrop using the ImageMagick command, it has a nice plasma generator:

convert -size 1280x720 plasma:fractal background.png

Thanks for sharing this, deltaray! The effect looks very realistic, not overdone like many similar tests I’ve seen. In fact, this may help me a lot on my own current WIP! I haven’t tried 2.70 yet, but I will definitely check it out now.

The audio track also helps to sell the realism a lot, great touch!

I really like that a lot. I thought the quick move at the end was unnecessary. I thought that the shake was good enough to fool the viewer into thinking it was a live camera shot.

But I am not trying to say bad things. I definitely am thankful you did it because I didn’t realize how it can make a camera look realistic.

It’s awesome work.