realistic car reflections

Hi all:

I’m working on a Camaro model. The modelling is going pretty well (I think so) but I’m having problems with the texture. Particularly with the mirror effect. Can someone give me a tip to get a good shaders configuration?

sorry that a problem with my conexion made me put this post twice

not only urs, I think this was the daily server reboot? I dunno, but same happened in the last few days around this time…
As for the reflection, wanna share a pic with us?

sorry!! you are right!! the image was in the first post :smiley:


I can’t see what’s wrong. If you want a realistic render, try luxrender (google it) ;).

you have nothing in the atmosphere to reflect
where you do have somethin, it is reflecting (ground)
build an environment first or try an hdri

yeah, add something to reflect, then you can see how good it is :stuck_out_tongue: