Realistic Cat/Dogs and flowers (changed topic)

Hey I can’t find any tutorials on making realistic cats/dogs and how to go about making flowers. If anyone can difrect me to a site or what to use that would be great.


SDS Dog modeling (XSI tutorial, but can be done with Blender, I think…) :

Flowers: easiest way is to use PlantSudio

Here you will be able to find some very nice tutorials including one about the making of a rose!

I dont remember a tutorial for a dog or a cat right of but you can alawys download the bulldog at blender repository to look and see how someone else made a dog.

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Thanks for the link and I was trying my hand at the rose tut and am lost right in the begnning not sure what they mean by thinning the top? I understant subdivde and i kinda saw what the spin button does but it wasnt working right cause i stll had a “fat object” also I’m used to odler version where selecting vertices and dragging with b choose the ones i wanted now it always misses vertices ex in front view I want to say extrude the top of a cube and it doenst get the whole top. Am I doing something wrong now?


Wow sorry for all the typos hope ya’ll can read typonese <G> Any further help on this would be great. :slight_smile: