Realistic character in blender Cycles

Sorry you feel that way. All featured models go through a careful voting process, and only when enough people agree it should be featured, it passes.

Note: continue the conversation about the voting process somewhere else, it’s off-topic on this art post.

totally agree with gtomorrow (no disrespect, Mohammad). Same goes for all those featured BORING interior renders. Is it an architectural forum or something?

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I agree with @gtomorrow here, I really thought this is sculpted/modelled by you @Mohammad_Fakhri (Not everyone knows about project Emily). You must give appropriate credits/links to the original model that you used. This, of course, very much effects the voting process for the featured bar.


Sorry, I also agree with @gtomorrow. No disrespect at all, I did the same kind of test with a scanned head model some time ago. As I believe it should be, it didn’t raise much attention as it was just a fun test, not much work involved in taking a ready model, connect the textures and light it. I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned that it was a scanned model in the artwork description :smiley:

With that said, it is totally fine to make works like this. I just think that as others have stated, the feature row should be for different kind of works :slight_smile:


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well you can

Aside from the fact that this is the well known Emily project that has been around for YEARS, it might be more helpful to the OP if we actually critiqued the render.

@mohammad_fakhri I appreciate that you’re new to Blender(so am I) but I don’t think the render/shading does Cycles any favours. The SSS effect is far too strong and the strange lighting you’ve chosen makes the image look very unrealistic. Also, there are some excellent isolated specular images of the scan on the Emily website. They are great for reference of how the primary and secondary spec should look. Best of luck in your future Blender projects. :+1:

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Yes You Right Mate Thanks For Your Comment <3

Yes You Right :slight_smile: I Rly Didnt Know PPl Dont Reconize Emily Model I Agree With You Thanks For Your Comment I Edited My Post

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Hello Brother Thanks For Your Comment . Yes This Is Test Scanned But You Say Your Work Didnt Get Attention Maybe You Did Something Wrong :smiley: This Shading And Rendering And Compostion Also Featured On CgSociety I Know Model Was PreMade But It Dosent Mean I Cant Model Or Texture :smiley: Cuz All Of My Models Had Udims And Textured On Udim Tiles I Couldnt Bring Anything To Test So I Did Use This Model Cuz Had One Tile But Anyway I Agree With You <3 You Are Right

I never said that you can’t model or texture, as I said I also used a 3d scan for experimenting. Probably I did a worse job than you. One thing I did differently for sure, I wrote in capital letters at the beginning of the message that the model and the textures were downloaded and that I didn’t do them myself :wink:

So You Say Lighting Artist And Shader Artist Do Nothing In Production And Cg Dont Need Lookdevelop ? Cg Dont Need Composite And Only Texture Artist And Modeler Doing Projects In Movies And Animation ? So Ppl Doing Shading And Lighting Dont Deserve Feature Thats What You Say Here :smiley: You Guys Saying PPl Doing Shading They Just Connect Node Together ? Or Lighting Artist The Put Light On ? :smiley: what Idk You Are Beginner Or Something But This Is Not True :smiley: You Will Understand When You Want To Find Job In Industry

Hope this isn’t a hijack, but I decided to check out the Blender SSS shader when I saw your thread today. Like you, I’ve never used it before, but I usually render in Arnold so it was easy to setup(although I’m used to Arnold nodes so it took some experimenting to find similar nodes in Blender)I used the Digital Louise scan and provided maps to test it(NOT MY ASSETS. ONLY SHADING/LIGHTING) These are some look dev renders from messing about earlier. A few things I noticed compared to Arnold: there is no direct node in Blender to replace Arnold’s very powerful Colour Correct node. Displacement in Blender is still way behind Arnold’s. The Random Walk SSS is good, but not as good as Arnold’s RW 2. Blender is a VERY nice environment to do look dev work in. Very enjoyable. The only big issue at the moment is no official UDIM workflow. It shows in these assets we’ve used as they are both using just single 4K maps.
I hope you don’t mind me posting these here, but it wasn’t worth starting a new thread for. :smiley:

I didn’t spend long on setting up the shaders at all. This was just look dev and testing the SSS shader. If I were doing this for a real project the shading/lighting could take weeks, with much more complicated shader trees and multi-displacement with 3-channel/Zbrush mix. This was just done in the last few hours since reading this thread.

And yes, you are right, shading/lighting look dev is a skill that a lot of people don’t realise until they start doing it themselves. :laughing:

This Is My Shader In Arnold for realistic Skin . i just tryed to come in blender to test a [email protected]%^&@ Shader :smiley: and This Happent And I just Posted One Image Jesus I Heard Blender Users are Very Supportive And They Understand Every Thing But I think I was Wrong

Don’t take it to heart, brother. :smiley: It’s just because a lot of people that commented didn’t know what the Emily project is and didn’t bother to click the link you posted to find out, so they just thought it was your own work. Not your fault, imo, because you posted the link to Emily.

I Know Using Ppl Models Are Not Good But These Models Are Very Famous And They Used For Test Shading And Lookd… For Every Software Im Rly Supprised For These Replays… Have Great Life And Hope You Get Better In Art Every Day <3 Have Amazing Life PPl Im Done Here <3 Peace

Not at all when it comes to look dev with scanned heads. That’s been a very popular thing for pretty much everyone that does this sort of work since Lee Perry’s public scan all those years ago.

This is definitely one of the worst Emily renders I have ever seen. Garbage.

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That was made like 5 years ago! Here’s something like 3 years ago, way beyond your skill level, I understand.

Unlike you I don’t plagiarize and pass off work as my own. Hack!

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