realistic character (lips so far)

ok so i have started to work on a realistic character today and so far i have gotten the lips done and i plan on posting at each part that i get done so that i can improve them right as im done with them instead of trying to improve them later on down the road when it is going to be harder to do so

for the lips i have a basic texture for the color and then a normal map and a spec map
ive posted a normal render with nothing special a render with ambient occlusion and a wire frame render

so if you can find anything wrong with it so far let me know so i can change it before i get to far along the face

so far the texture is mirrored so both sides look identical but ill fix this soon


I think they’re too flat in all directions. :^j Remember that the mouth is a part of the face and should follow its curvature. Pull the corners of the mouth in towards the face, like this:

Edit: I think it’s easier to model the mouth open, and close it when it is done.

that’s a helpful guideline

allright i can see that ill post a new image later on today when i get some time

EDIT new images i have redone the lips and done some of the face
and just a note in the corners of the lips it looks kinda off and deformed but that is just a texture thing so once i update the textures it will look right
and before anyone comments on it the jaw is a little masculine and im working on that as we speak

ok new front view with a smaller less blocky chin