Realistic character walk animation

Hi guys,

I have created walk animation first on same place using mixamo character with blender IK system. When I move the character over the floor it’s looks unnatural. This means I try to avoid sliding so i edit the graph editor bazzier to linear. when reaching the leg to “CONTACT” Pose it’s looks sudden movement (vibrate). So I down the hip bone to avoiding this issue, but the walk looks unnatural. So please somebody help me to solving this issue.

Is there any tutorials available for very realistic walk animation?

Here I attached my animation. Please review and let me know your feedback.


i think that problem is that the head dosent move at all, i am not sure it feel like if he had his neck broken
but the whole animation is great

the legs seems like they are snapping. You should also use references of what you want to animate. You can easily find tons of online videos of walk cycle animation or actual people walking.

The examples in the videos are in 2D but they are still important to understanding animation.

Thanks, I can’t find out any realistic walk animation tutorials in blender. Please share if you have any free tutorial link for very realistic walk animation without floating.



Hey there! Great job! Good to keep in mind that you successfully got a good base down and although it is a bit mechanical it’s still useable…and cool to be honest XD

Some suggestions that may help though.

It’s important to understand - (when you’re trying to make life-like content anyway. by all means cut out some extra time if your working on anime/cartoon style projects…) -
But if you look at life around us, everything is constantly moving…I mean yes, theoretically things stop and go all day long, but the only way we experience life is because particles and molecules are constantly changing which allows a “stopped” object, to continue and move…So a good thing to keep in mind As alf0 said, keep every piece moving… Add a little tweak to the fingers, give a little bob to his head

Some key things I noticed is that it seems to have no follow through “And or inertia” (Now you may have already taken that into consideration…But I’d personally say it still needs a touch more) basically for instance, the arm moves forward and begins to move back in the direction it came, the hand should continue moving forward for a moment and then slowly catch up to the arm as it reaches its next keyframe…

Hopefully that was helpful!
If not here’s a great video that’ll point you in the right direction

( - AllanBecker: 12 principles of animation

Take care and good luck! If there are any further questions feel free to ask.