Realistic clouds with Smoke


Could be possible to add a special feature in Mantaflow Smoke to generate realistic animatable clouds with a custom shape initial state or something similar?

A Mantaflow Smoke simulation with a Clouds special feature module would be perfect for the creation of different realistic and amazing cloud setups…
Any suggestion?

I suppose it is possible to make a clouds generator addon based on mantaflow.

But finding good presets for each case requires to take time to find solutions for most common cases, and that will probably not be the solution for any custom shape.
Shape is playing a major role in simulation look.

It is probably possible to make amazing clouds set-ups with guides, now.
But don’r expect people who work hard to find perfect solution to share it for free or quickly.
That may happen. But don’t count on the apparition of a magical button.

It will probably be simpler to achieve something using shading nodes.
They made a terrific progression in latest releases.

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Yes i think the same
Maybe the core devs team join forces with Mantaflow devs one day and improve its capabilities even with gpu

“make cloud” addon on 2.79 had this “puff -real particle” principle to apply it to any geometric form. It would be a thing to just adapt that workflow to 2.83. Non, mon ami?

Yes. You can emit smoke from any shape. That is not really the issue.
Request is for animated clouds. So, what is really difficult is animation.

If you decide to workaround the problem by dissolving smoke, what’s the point of making a simulation, heavy to bake.

Point Density texture is available for Cycles. Combining it with other newly improved shading nodes should be sufficient.

It probably does not worth it to request to make it work for EEVEE.
Brecht is working on new object types (Hair, OpenVDB, PointCloud).
It will be possible to convert a mesh into an OpenVDB primitive and a particle system into a point cloud.
When that will be accomplished, creating a cloud addon will probably be easier.

i already made clouds with metaballs and shading nodes with fresnel volume textures etc before
But i see the potencial of mantaflow physics in a near future n will be amazing…