realistic cloudscapes using volumetic materials

Next test scene is a sunset animation using BI sun and sky functions and two layers of clouds. The terrain is low poly and only there to provide a frame for the sunset.

Excellent work , look forward to see more , for some other inspiration maybe you can take a look to this Plugin for vue

Hey Seawolf, do you mind posting the parameters of your particle and smoke sims? I’m having trouble recreating the amazing images you’ve done.

The animation is really interesting. However clouds tend to build differently when you watch a timelapse. I wonder if it’s a turbulence issue at the edges. It looks really close but just a bit off. I know it’s hard work I tried to achieve this stuff when volumetrics came out. Never got anywhere close to what you have achieved.

True, ist is not physically accurate. The moving clouds depend on a bunch of particles that are moved (or to be precise: the emitter is moved) in x-direction. As the noise function controlling the cloud size changes depending on position you get some movement in the cloud elements that might look similar to condensing vapour. The next test will be to use a wind force on the particles.
I’m still looking for a good idea to get clouds that have a flat bottom and a ‘cloudy’ top.

hello, guys, I dont know if I am ok here, but I am trying to make a procedural world material, fully customizable and that looks as realistic as possible. check this tread if you find it usefull or if you think that you can give me some advice, here is a screenshot of what I have been doing:


Hi Turkheim,
Your approach could be combined with the volumetric clouds I try to develop. For my clouds I have to use the Blender internal renderer until cycles will handle volumetric material. Therefore, your node group could be ported to BI and used as background layer.

Hi all,
After tweaking a lot of parameters, I have published a .blend for a nice cloudscape model at Blend Swap.

Download and build your own cloudscapes! Rendering a 2000x6000 panorama takes 15 minutes on my machine (I7-2500K, 8GB) plus time for blur in post-processing.
Here is an example of using the resulting cloudscape as environment texture in Cycles.

Fantastic result. Thanks for sharing.