Realistic concrete


While looking at photos of architecture, I notice the concrete has, what I would describe as dimples or holes. I am not a carpenter or bricklayer or work in any way with concrete (my wife says my hands are softer than hers) can someone share a technique for getting those in a concrete wall in blender? I mean, to have the image come out with the little holes in them. I have looked for textures, but nothing as sharp as that is to be found. Is it done in the mesh first? Thank you!

You might want to look into creating a separate texture with just the holes and lay it on top of a basic concrete texture.

That way you can use it for any concrete surface that needs holes which will save you from having to make many different variations.

Its called Cast Concrete. You can find many textures for it, but you can easily make a bump map to make the holes. They are more of a deep dimple than a hole.

Thank you very much! I now know what it is called, so I can search textures. Again, thank you very much!

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