Realistic craps table and accessories

Hello. I am looking for someone to build a custom Craps table very similar to this: I am going to adjust it to my liking. I would also like the accessories - The Stick, bowl, puck, casino dice that look like this:, one casino chip, and things called lammers. I’m using it for educational purposes so I will be taking the table and making custom images using blender on my end. I have already created the betting layout in Illustrator if that helps.

why don’t you just buy the ones of turbosquid?

kind of interested
you can view my artworks here

yea^ that basically makes the job worth $79. just buy it.

I’m not sure what files I could open in blender. I’m pretty sure they used 3D max. If you are able to edit in blender that would be an option for me. I’m also using it for commercial purposes and the ‘royalty free license’ seems like I could get myself in some trouble if I start to profit. I’m also interested in customizing the table to my liking. They did a good job but there are several things I would certainly change. I’m a craps dealer at a casino and I could tell the person who made it wasn’t.