Realistic Dragon Head

(hannibar) #1

I textured my dragon model, and this is the result. Modelled in wings, unwrapped in blender, textures painted in photoshop, and rendered in blender.

I especially would like to know what you think about the texture.



(Friday13) #2

Wow, very cool head. But the texture looks weird in some areas.

(digitalSlav) #3

nice job although the upper lip line looks funny and there are a few places that have a little stretching like above the eye and below the horns. not like any normal person would notice. don’t think i would spend time tweaking them.

thanks for sharing

(hannibar) #4

shouldn’t be hard to tweak them. Don’t know if I have time.

(dreamsgate) #5

very nice texture, a little more variation in color might be nice.

(VelikM) #6

Pretty nice! The lips look kind of like they belong to a good old boy with a lip full of chew though.

(Tobur) #7

Looks really good. One thing to mention: The iris of the eye seem to be not evenly round for me (at least the right side of the iris). But for the rest: two thumbs up.

How did you unwrap that thing in Blender? I unwrap my Wings3d-models with UVMapper but get into trouble with asigning the UV-textures. Would be nice if you can write a little tut on the unwrapping.


(blengine) #8

very nice dragon! mouth and texture around it is very weird though…
nice textures, great job painting them
somehting not right about the eye too, it think its too big, shrink the eye a bit and add the flesh on the sides =D side eye flesh rules
are u going to make a body?

(hannibar) #9

No I’m not going for a body. Thuis is just a head I modelled to practice my texturing skills. The eye really sucks I know. But it’s better to have a bad eye than no aye at all :smiley:

Unwrapping was not very easy. I started taking a ‘from window’ shot. Then I gave it a texture with lots of squares, and then I started tweaking the UV-coordinates to make the texture ot to stretched. Especially the area around the horns and the nose were difficult (there are still problems there as ou see)

(macouno) #10

I’d use a little less spec on the material, less shiny is prolly better/more realistic

(TurboG) #11

Looks great. But does its mouth indent in, or is it just a face streched from the upper to lower lip? (don’t know if my wording got in right, but oh well). I like (turn Spec down however). BTW, if UV Map on a texture, can you apply a bump map to it?

(hannibar) #12

Sure you can bump map. Just go to the material buttons, and select an image you want to use as a bumpmap, and instead of ‘glob’ use ‘UV’.