Realistic Earth

Realistic Earth Wallpaper :evilgrin:

Made in Blender 2.62 :eyebrowlift:


Artificial cities lights are really cool. What about dof? I think it’s impossible to get depth of field in such distance

Nice work !
The transition between night and day is quite smooth.

The only thing I notice is about the clouds. You should scale down the sphere that holds the texture. Furthermore, they seem invisible on the night side.

Actually i have used dof in this image
if u see carefully the stars are blurry and the earth is sharp due to the use of dof

i think what marcog is trying to say is that you wouldn’t get any dof in such a huge environment. high dof makes an image look miniature.

i don’t know if its right but i think it can be achieved if the dof field distance is made more :confused:

In the real world it is not possible to see this dof effect for something like the Earth and stars. You would only see it with objects close to the camera, hence you make your earth look like its the size of a tennis ball rather than the size of a planet, not ‘realistic’ in any way.

If you are going to use a dof effect you should understand why you actually see it when using a camera.

Thanx for your advice, i will keep in mind from next time :slight_smile:

Nice! The city lights really made it. But there’s unnecessary dof which makes the stars distracting and the clouds should be shrunk to fit the planet more, there almost in space. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: