Realistic Female Head (again)

Hello All,

Me again, similar piece to most of what I’ve been doing for a while… This time I’m much happier with the current progress though. I’m following the “Essence: The Face” book through again like with my main forum project :
except this time I’m using reference image photos found at
I only just found this site recently looking for good HDRI freebies (which are good there too) and there just happened to be plenty of 2000x3000 or so resolution images of female human reference. (The model I’m using images of is “Jamie” for those who want to know.)

Anyway, more updates to come thick and fast, hopefully finish this head in the next 24hrs.

To Do - remove eyelashes from texture and model them (particles probably), add eyes back in and update textures on them, hair if I get time, probably not now as I’m putting a reel together on a bit of a timeline for a conference so I can go schmooze about the place and get known more.


awesome head 5 starts from me ;p

cheers migero. Been meaning to ask where your avatar came from. Is that from an anime or something? I like it.

Anyway, next render, eyelashes removed, spec map added. Might be a bit much. Now to put the eyes in!


Fantastic! I’ve been doing heads all summer and I really wish I was anything near this. Thanks for posting and thanks for the links.

/ Mats

Hey that’s looking really cool so far BenDansie!

Cheers guys. Len, kudos on having your portrait make BlenderNation! I rather liked it - technically and artistcally good. Not always that people can pull off both.

Added eyes and eyelashes. Modelled the eyelashes as polygon tubes. Why… why did I bother to do that…? (rhetorical, please don’t guess.)

Will add hair later, must finish a brutish monster and an Aston Martin first. :slight_smile:

Also, I do plan to rig/animate this head, attach it to a rigged body, etc etc. and then eventually post the character .blend



BenDansie - I’m keeping an eye on this thread - keep posting!

/ Mats

Wow. Excellent job! The only thing that strikes me as being slightly off is the position and size of her eyes. If I had to qualify her current facial expression I’d say that she was amazed or bewildered because her eyes look slightly too prominent. Obviously that’s a highly subjective remark, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway because it’s really what struck me when I first looked at her.

In any event, this is one of the most realistic and compelling characters I’ve seen made in Blender so I’m looking forward to seeing more of her. Um… just curious… what’s her name?

JohnV1960 - I thought that something might be up with the eyes when I had a fresh look this morning. Her head is in a ‘default’ sort of pose, so she’ll always look a bit startled, but I’m rendering a turntable to check the look from different angles. Will post more renders from more angles soon.

She doesn’t have a name as yet because deciding on names is the one part of the creative process I just really seem to get stuck on, so I’ll have to get back to you on that… I’ll probably use this head on my “bounty hunter” character, which means I’ll keep this version and maybe make a more scarred, dirty version. So she’ll need a name that is sort of sci-fi-ish rather than naming her Rachel or something simple. When finished that is.

More renders, front and nearly side.


shrunk the eyes a little, moved them a little closer together and narrowed the upper bridge/centre of the brow. compare to renders in previous posts. Upper eyelashes bigger too now, a bit.


A big thumbs up here for the latest mods. She looks much more feminine and relaxed now…

Hey BenDansie it’s coming along nicely hey, looks like I have some serious competition :slight_smile:

On your side render there seems to be a tad bit of texture stretching on the nose, and there seems to be a tad “conflict” between your mesh and the texture at the corner of the eyes, though I haven’t seen your mesh so I could be wrong.

Could job dude!

(PS thanks for your comment re my prev project)


thanks Len, I’ve fixed the eyes (improved at least) in that region. The texture streaking I missed or ignored somehow.

I tried giving her hair, but I’ll leave it for now… Id rather not rush anything at this stage.

Unfortunately, most quicktime codecs (what I’m used to) dont show subtlety in pinks, ie skin tone, so you’ll have to keep the still jpgs in mind, but here is the first turntable at PAL resolution.

Eyes are ‘fixed’ in this render as per Len’s suggestion, texture streaking not fixed, but not really visible from this distance and compression anyway. Will have a look later.

Note: - flickering around the eyes is my leaving spec on the eyelash texture, easy fix.

BenDansie, I have a confession to make:
I ran into this blog on Cthuhlu and Lovecraft, and couldn’t help myself from adding a link to your monster. I hope you appreciate it.

/ Mats

She’s great as she is- her eyes might be a bit “too strong” (most humans have iris a bit more “washed out” when it comes to color and saturation) but that’s probably just personal trait. Lovely skin bump man, really.

This is great. Nice job and keep up the good work. How did you texture that eye so well? It would be awesome if you could create a tutorial about that, but don’t feel pressured to.

Cheers RK, I think I know why that is. I’ve been using ‘levels’ in photoshop to adjust the contrast on renders before posting them, which does wonders for the skin tone, but not the eyes I guess. Attached is the last render without any adjustment, check the eyes vs skin. Also, the bump map (and most of the colour map) is derived straight from the photo based textures, I posted the link at the top of the page if you missed it.

nadaklan - I made the eyes via a tutorial, but its in a book I paid for so I cant just scan it in for obvious reasons. However, I could re-write the blender specific parts up. I intended to have some documentation of sorts to go with this character in the end, its just that I keep learning new tricks and delaying the eventual finish of the character. Flipside is, if I’d stopped working where I originally intended, she would look nowhere near this quality. It’s all learning I guess.

Mats - thanks for letting me know. I dont mind at all, but its nice to be informed. I’ll have to thumb through the blog later, looks interesting.


Honestly- without correction both skin AND eyes look better IMHO. There is something with eye shape still- line of lower eyelid I think- but it looks almost hyper- real as it is. I mean- all parts are so good that reception is like “hell, nice render of weird looking girl” then anything else.

I’d really appreciate it if you did make up that tutorial. Maybe I’ll have to get that book someday. It seemed a bit expensive on Amazon though. Still looking awesome by the way. I’m looking forward to see how she’ll look with hair.