Realistic Fire

Hey everyone, I was folowing a tutorial yesterday on how to make realistic looking fire, so I thought I would post it here. Tell me what you think:


You lived up to your name – Nice fire :yes:

cool fire !

can you give a link to the tutorial ?

Oh hey, thats the fire from the BlenderArt magazine, right? Its actually a bunch of spheres with some Ztrans and high specularity. Most of the effect comes from Compositing. I’ve used this effect for explosions before.

As for the tut, you can find it in one of the magazines from

Hey, thanks guys, as for the tutorial, here it is, article #16: Its kinda hard to follow at first, but it has a blend with it to view, and it was very helpful.

okay , thanks !

There’s two other really cool fire threads I’ve seen on this forum. The first is one effect that uses billboard particles, and I forget who its by, but it looks really cool. The second is one that I believe is made by BenDansie, and it’s just a static mesh object with animated displacement and materials, but look really good for say, having something be on fire, like wood or a person. I’ll poke around and see if I can find them if you want.

okay , thanks !

Your welcome.

Sure, if you find them, post them here, but don’t spend a bunch of time looking for them, I don’t need it that much. :wink: