Realistic Fire


We all know that Blender Guru‘s fire tutorial is getting a bit old due to the fact that it uses 2.49 and particle systems.

So I decided to make this tutorial.

You will learn:
-How to use the smoke simulator
-How use materials to create the right fire effect depending on your scene
-And of course how to create realistic fire

It’s worth noting that my below-average computer cannot handle simulations very well, hence the low-quality fire. But if you have a decent computer, you can create brilliantly detailed and realistic fire.

This method for creating fire originally comes from here.

Great tutorial!

BlenderGuru’s tutorial was 2.5 and smoke Sim. It was in text form though, like all the other fire tutorials out there! Until you came along.

very nice tutorial…

1 question though…how would you make the object disolve away as it burns up?

very interested in learning this…


That would involve animating a texture that controls the opacity of the object… and perhaps somehow getting the particle system to go with it.

This is the best fire tutorial…Very cool, I mean hot.
Thanks Greg.

hahaha pleasure