Realistic Forest Floor

Hey guys!
I created this forest floor render to test out the assets me and Colin Behrens created for our new addon Terra Scans.
It was quite challenging to figure out the particle system layering on the forest floor. There are just so many things laying around on forest floors - from leafs, to sticks and rocks etc.
The lighting was also not trivial to set up, as I wanted there to be the shadows of trees in the scene. I ended up using an hdr from Poliigon and added trees in the viewport to create the subtle shadows I wanted to achieve. In total it took me 3 days to finish the scene. I hope you guys like it, I’d be grateful for tipps on how to improve realistic forest scenes in the future!



I really like how this turned out! Very realistic in my opinion, I especially like the mushrooms. The only thing that seems a bit off is the scale of the ferns. But great job non the less - awesome assets!

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Thank you very much! You’re probably right about the ferns, I’ll take care to watch out for correct scaling in the future!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you very much!

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Photorealistic, the brush looks so natural and perfectly done, if you were to tell me this was real I’d probably believe you! You did AMAZING work, you should be proud!

Thank you very much! I tried my best to make it as photorealistic as possible :blush: