Realistic Forest

Hey there, once again I am trying to create Nature in Blender with the aim that you cant tell it apart from a real photo, however this is really hard to do so.

So my strategy is to create assets first, like plants and sticks and stones, and try to make them look as natural as possible. So I can put them together to a big scene later on.

Ill post my progress of the assets and the final scene here.



Nice - I love the bracken, it look very close to nature, one tiny point - some of the leaves look like copies of another in both form an attitude. Mother nature would not do that, maybe you should rotate some of the leaves so they don’t line up with any others.

Cheers, Clock.

Changed the clovers a bit in size and curvature as well as in color variation.
And added leaves, sticks and stones to the forest ground for testing purpose.

Adding some plants I made earlier, still testing how it looks

This is very good, but in a real nature scene (untouched by humans who think they can improve on God’s work) there will be dead and dying leaves as well/

man this is fantastic it really look,s realistic , i always want to do something like that but i really dont know where to start, i mean for modeling i have no problem but the render thing , to make it look as real as this , this is the hard part great work man :slight_smile:

Which Cycles Nodes did you use for the shading of the plants? Subsurface Scattering and/or Translucency? It looks awesome!

Looking really nice so far! Good job!
especially the ground looks very realistic.

Just one thing I would say is that the clover looks like plastic and is too big.
At least where I live they dont look like that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is probably the second thing I look for when I see nature scenes. Most people don’t think about the cycle of life, AT ALL. Take a look at Andrew’s Nature Academy materials. As good as it is, it’s not complete because there’s no new life, there is some growing life, there’s mostly mid-life, no aging, no dying, and no dead things. You have to show the full cycle of things to some degree because this is what is real.

To the OP: I think it looks great, and I appreciate you wanting to create your own assets. I think it’s the way to go. But be sure to include the past, present, and future potential when creating things in a natural setting. Keep going!

Thank you for mentioning that. Ill try to implement that. :smiley:

Made some more plants, this time, some little bastards xD

Oh yeah… that looks like my favorite plant! :cool:

Made some textures out of photos I took today for my scene, here are three of them, luckily they didn’t turned out that bad :smiley:

Worked on and added beeches

Looking really good. Your nettles are really nice.

Other perspectives ;D

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Wow :eek:, last picture - amazing!

Did you made every bit of the plants and every plants in the forest? That is reallly good work!

Do you use a texture site like cgtextures for the leaves/bark textures?

So dilligent and a good observation, the tree/plants structure look like the real thing! Love it!

I always wanted to do something like this but realize mid way how much time I spent on a single bush :eek:

Do you use the tree curve generator?

Another test, yay

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Before taking the final render :smiley:
So excited

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