Realistic furniture models for Blender

Hello everyone,

after first release of Cycles rendering engine I’ve literally fallen in love with it. For more than a year I was using it in most of my commercial projects and it worked great. However, despite the need of constant development, one thing really missing for me is a professionally prepared database of models ready to use “out of the box”. Right now when working with Cycles on commercial architectural visualizations I need to spend quite a lot of time for model preparation, obj import and shader work.

That was the reason I’ve decided to start working on a model collections prepared exclusively for Blender. As an architect I’ve also focused on selecting (in my opinion) good looking, contemporary furniture examples that would fit almost every modern interior. Models will be released early in 2013 (hopefully in January) together with free tutorials explaining how to create a good looking, professional visualizations using only free and open source tools.

There would be 7 categories: wood, steel, concrete, fabrics, plastic, light and decor. Models will be released in packs containing 7 different furniture examples. The price is yet unknown but there will be also quite a lot of free stuff. From the very beginning it was very important for me to deliver only the highest quality renderings to also convince non-blender users that Cycles is really great solution for small architectural studios, designers etc.

In this topic I’d like to constantly share with you on how is the project doing. To start with, I’m sharing some of the wooden furniture models and sample scenes. Hope you like it and I look forward to your comments!


And here are the scenes with wooden models in use (plus some decor models):

They look really nice, nice project, keep the good work. How are you going to manage texture selling? I mean, are them took by yourself?


Textures come mostly from and as far as I know their license allows further reproduction and selling as an integral part of 3d model.

This looks very nice :slight_smile: Well done sir, like the design of the furniture indeed

Nice project and nice furnitures and rendres. Keep the good work

Excellent. I like your idea of building a library of assets.

I 200% agree with that !
Blender with Cycles has a HUGE potencial !
Most professional architecture and design visualizer do not switch do Blender because there is no high quality furniture/asset library for it.
And the knowlegde about Blender is distributed all over the planet in forums, blogs and wikis which make it pretty hard to start for newbies.
Lets focus on high quality architecture- and productvisualisations, maybe a videotutorialserie with the title “from beginner to pro”.
Not for free, do webinars or what else for sell. And support the Blenderfondation with this money.

I highly suggest you to present/sell your furniture modells the same way (categories and so on) as does.
Or even better: Designconnected should offer theirs models in Blender Cycles format as well.

Please let me know if I can support you, I would very love to see more high quality professional architecture visualization with Blender.

Which pictures on your website have been made with Blender Cylces ?

Kind regards

Guys, thanks for your comments and appreciation!

It was also one of my concerns, that’s why I’ve decided to also provide some quality, free tutorials explaining at least some basics on how to achieve realistic looking visualizations. I thought about not only including Cycles but also V-ray and perhaps Yafaray.

Designconnected has totally different business model - they create objects linking them with real products and designers. For that you really need quite huge database to be attractive for a potential user. We went the other way by choosing not so commonly known, but still good looking and appreciated furniture examples, so in average they should look good in most of the modern interiors.

As for spreading it more, I’m in touch with Evermotion crew as I’ve worked there in the past. I’m pretty sure that if the first sets of models shared by our website would be considered a success, the others will follow soon.

You mean website? All the animations and some of the interiors were done solely in Blender. Furniture and camera models in 3d section were modeled in Blender. I have some more projects done in Blender but never really had time to post them here, maybe soon :slight_smile:

As for the models, I post some freebies that will be available soon (I’m not giving the website url yet as it’s still in production).

Best wishes to you all and Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

And two preview scenes:

Hey guys, adding some updates. This time - steel furniture.

Just another, small update - steel models in use.

Very nice ! :slight_smile:

Very professional and modern looking items.

On the other hand for furniture library i would suggest to prepare more “neutral” furniture, like those in the first posts.

nice design, well done render!!!

This is a very interesting project. Keep up your good work.

Hey guys, sorry for a bit late answer but I’m currently away working on a commercial project in external company and don’t have that much time I’d want to contribute with new images, but everything is still development (yet slowed down).

JonasF: I know that some of the furniture may seem a bit odd, but there are still more neutral to come soon :slight_smile:

Best wishes!

Hey people, doing some quick update on some furniture models.

And some direct model renderings:

Very nice. Include some lamps such as IES lamps as well, and you have a deal!

Hey swaschan, thanks for your response :slight_smile: I’ve already created some lamp models and renderings, you can take a look:

All these are basically pure Cycles renderings with some node effects (lens flare) and minor Photoshop tweaking. Hope you people like it :slight_smile: