Realistic Gateway Arch Scale Model [WIP]

Hi all,

I’m looking for some critique on my realistic scale model of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO. I used a model I own personally and used some blueprints found online to get the shape right. Let me know what you think STRICTLY of the form, materials and execution of the studio lighting, model itself etc. Do not point out the lack of story… Thanks!:yes:

P.S - Model Available for FREE:

First of all, it looks very great. Nice job! :smiley:
If you really want any criticisms… well, this may be because of the lighting (which I do like quite a lot) but the color of the arch seems to be very slightly off.

In that image, it seems to be a slightly darker shade of gray. So if you really wanted, you could change that. But I think that in fitting with what it seems to me you’re going for your version works VERY well. My ‘criticism’ was more me searching as hard as I could for something that could possibly be changed than an actual criticism. Great job on this for sure!

I have this scale model at home so thats what its based on, which explains why it is straight chrome. But thank you for the praise!! I worked hard measuring everything and lighting etc. nice to know people look hard!


Model is available for download, if you would ever need it :wink: