Realistic girl/women (nudity)

This is a female model I have been working on for some time - actually the first I might actually be completing! I still have the feet to finish and the hands need a bit of work (too few edge loops)… She’s no supermodel and I’m keeping it that way.I will rig her and then use her on a another scene I am working on. It’s actually more for the learning process than anyting else. :wink:


I have a few questions.

  1. I’m trying to keep this model as realistic as possible. That means I will be using normal maps as much as possible. Now I have a bit of a problem here. To really put in the details I want I need to subdiv the model quite a few times and the means I end up choking my system! Is there a way to go around this problem. I’ve thought of putting in more edge loops on vertain detailed areas and then mapping that models’ normal map to the original… dunno.

  2. Also, how do you render the model with the topology? Or do I have to take a screenshot. I’d like some feedback on this aspect about the model.

  3. And another thing. Any lighting setup that would really give credit to a model. I know the principles around the 3 point lighting system but any other suggestions. I suck at rendering.

Any feedback actually would be nice. :slight_smile:

Some problems I’ve noticed (this morning):

  • Her head looks too egg shaped. Needs more definition and form.
  • The calces and lower leg areas might be too small/narrow. It could be due to photographic distortions.

Thanks for checking this out.


I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t see an image if you’ve posted one…

Oh boy. I’ll try and fix it quickly…


There.That should do it!

I’m not getting much feedback on my questions…, is there still a problem with the attachments? Please let me know! Thanks.

I’m posting some screenshots of the model’s typology.