Realistic glass?

(ePlastik) #1

Background: There’s this weekly modelling contest at and next weeks subject’s going to be simply…Glass.

So does anyone have any tips how to make realistic glass in blender? All my tries end up looking like cheap plastic cups. Also a tutorial would be VERY cool.

Thank you.

(Enzoblue) #2

This is not a secret for anyone : Blender is not a raytracer and it works poorly when glass is involved into renderings, showing quite unrealistic results, because it doesn’t take into accound the thickness of the glass, the diffusion of light or simply refraction through the glass.

-Olivier Saraja

I just make my mesh, put glass like settings (alpha .15, Spec, hard, SpTr, Ref all maxed, and Z transp on), then export it to Lightflow (Eeshlo’s script) or PovRay (Povanim script) and make finishing touches there. Some guys are pretty good at faking it in Blender, but I haven’t had much luck.

(banana_sock) #3

there’s a whole list of tutes at the top of this page which are pretty good for glass. Check them out.

(ePlastik) #4

Alright I found a pretty good .blend file from one of those sites. Gonna check out if I manage to copy the settings to my own work :wink: